Pricing 2021

New clients – introductory walks are week free – ask me for further information

We encourage dog guardians to consider at least 2 regular walks per week for their charges to assist with the formation of routine and to form  solid bonds within the doggy gang.

Group Walks

£12 per walk

The price includes, pick up your home address, at least an hour’s walk and a good rub down before being dropped off home again.

Available Mon – Fri morning or afternoon

1-4 times per week: £12 per walk. Additional dogs from the same family are £10 each

5 times per week: £10 per walk, additional dogs are £8 each.

Day Care

£22 per day

Your dog will be picked up from your home in the morning and will join the morning and afternoon group dog walks with a wee nap in between before being dropped home late afternoon.

Available Mon - Fri

1-4 times per week: £22 per day. Additional dogs from the same family are £20 each

5 times per week: £20 per day, additional dogs are £16 each.



Like the Day Care programme plus a short late afternoon and evening walk as required.  When your dog boards with us, he or she has full access to all areas of the home and are treated as part of the family. 

Only available as an Add-On for regular clients

Individual Walks


When it comes to dog walking, one size (or walk) does not necessarily fit all.  If your dog needs to be walked alone for whatever reason then get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. 

Available Mon-Fri and weekends by arrangement


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