Group Walks

Group dog walks take place early (around 9) and late morning (around 11.30) and include pick up and drop off in the Victoria Bark Doggy Bus. 

The Doggy Bus (or van, if you want to be pedantic) is a reliable air-conditioned van with secure, professionally fitted travel crates.   The crates mean that your dog(s) can travel securely and confidently in their own space.  Larger dogs can travel in the main area of the van, also very securely and there is always space upfront (with a seatbelt) for a precious wee prince or princess who needs a bit of extra attention.

Once all the dogs signed up for the walk are collected we head to the park (usually Dawsholm) for a one hour walk together.  Routes vary depending on the weather, other park users etc.  but there is always lots of space to run around and play as well as lovely things to sniff.  After the walk, the dogs all get on their leads and we head back to the Doggy Bus for a rubdown or shower so that they can get dropped home in a reasonably clean condition, hopefully happy and sleepy after a fun walk with their pals.

Day Care

Daycare consists of the two group walks, as well as spending any time in between and after at my house in Scotstoun.  When in my home they are welcome to follow me around or nap in their own space and they have access to the garden for any business they may wish to carry out there.  

Pick up for day care is usually around 8am and drop off is usually by 3pm.  Daycare is limited to 2 dogs (or 2 dog families) and Daycare dogs are of course counted in the Group Dog walk numbers.


I only offer Boarding for regular clients and will only board one dog (or dog family) at a time so that they can get the extra care and attention they need when they are away from home.  

When boarding they follow the Day Care programme plus a short late afternoon and evening walk as required.  When your dog boards with us, he or she has full access to all areas of the home and are treated as part of the family.  

Sleeping arrangements are flexible depending on what your dog is used to and all aspects of their care will be discussed with you beforehand to make sure they have a great stay.

Individual Walks

When it comes to dog walking, one size (or walk) does not necessarily fit all.  If your dog needs to be walked alone for whatever reason then get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. 

Available Mon-Fri and weekends by arrangement


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